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Hydrodynamic and structural mechanical optimization
of a semi-submersible offshore wind turbine
Prototype 6.0 MW FOWT SelfAligner
Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Ship Theory (TUHH-FDS), Institute for Ship Structural Design and Analysis (TUHH-SKF), Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Germanischer Lloyd Industrial Services GmbH (DNV GL), aerodyn GmbH, JÖRSS – BLUNCK – ORDEMANN GmbH (J-B-O), Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML and CRUSE Offshore GmbH (COG).

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aerodyn engineering is an independent wind turbine engineering company and consultancy based in Büdelsdorf in Northern Germany. The company has been founded in 1997 to hold and use all patents of the inventor and physicist Sönke Siegfriedsen. Meanwhile several hundred patents are in the companies’ knowledge database. In addition to this function the SCD Technology as a new and highly innovated project become part of it. Currently the major project is the development of the SCD Technology turbines in different sizes for different ambiences and applications. Started in 2013 with a first idea how to develop a new technology for floating offshore wind aerodyn engineering gmbh took several steps to design and validate the SCDnezzy Technology. During development processes technology and material validation is essential to provide a valid technology evaluation. Starting with feasibility studies for the concrete foundation and its sea keeping behavior, followed by small scale model tests in wave basins and an open sea test aerodyn engineering gmbh is able to combine turbine design experience with a new floating foundation technology for a competitive market solution.
Based on this experience aerodyn engineering contributes as industrial partner to the “HyStOH” project responsible for the wind turbine development and integration into the tower structure. The SCD-Technology is a fully integrated lightweight drive drain concept providing a lightweight wind energy converter resulting in a reduced system mass for the tower and foundation structure.
Starting the project aerodyn engineering provides a turbine load assessment as initial load limit for the tower top connection. First investigation area is the rotor orientation, turbine capacity, number of blades, rotor diameter, hub height and type class. Additionally RNA (Rotor-Nacelle-Assembly) mass data are provided as well. This data are used for structural pre-design for tower and foundation. Aerodynamic loading is used to validate other simulation environments enabling a fully integrated design and engineering process. Based on this initial data more detailed turbine data are provided to support the validation process of high-fidelity modeling of other project partners. A dedicated validation phase is supported by aerodyn engineering focused on comparable simulation results for all project partners.
Main scope of work for aerodyn engineering is the design of a RNA based on the derived loads in a fully coupled simulation environment considering aero elastics, hydrodynamics, structural behavior and the wind turbine control. The results are feed into the design process for the tower-nacelle interface, gearbox, generator, rotor hub and rotor blade design. Finally a concept for the drive train arrangement and the rotor blades will be derived considering the floating specific controller requirements to enable a fully operational wind turbine on the HyStOH floating foundation. The design considers site specific environmental loadings including operational loads and survival conditions.
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